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Hi, I'm Princess Castleberry (yes, that's my real name) - Global Speaker and Wellness and Risk Management Consultant. 

I help organizations protect their people, purpose, and profits by making wellness actionable.

Through powerful keynote programs and collaborative learning experiences, my work helps create safer and more resilient workforces where people actively manage their triggers, make better decisions, turn conflict into innovation, and build impact while prioritizing their well-being. 

Everything we create together from the stage to the board room is a win-win for organizations, leaders, and their people!

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"Wellness, psychosocial safety, and belonging are

the greatest risk challenges of our time."

My Signature Talks



A high-energy, introspective keynote for leaders who need to balance their health and wellness with organizational demands

  • Learn strategies to balance your overall wellness while scaling your impact, building influence, and navigating organizational challenges

  • Learn the principles of Princess’s actionable I.M.P.A.C.T. Framework to reduce your personal risk for chronic stress and decision fatigue

  • Adapt the I.M.P.A.C.T. Framework to your organization to catalyze inclusion, engagement, and retention



An insightful, story-based keynote for leaders in high-stress/high-risk roles whose decisions have a significant impact on people and operations


  • Identify and actively manage the personal and professional triggers causing stress in your workplace

  • Learn practices that effectively improve your decision-making and support inclusion

  • Practice highly effective physical relaxation techniques


A highly motivational and actionable keynote for visionary leaders who must get unstuck and build momentum

  • Explore your fears, roadblocks, and setbacks

  • Learn strategies to activate, prioritize, and communicate your vision and align with others

  • Pivot your leadership style and delegate more effectively

Ideal Audience for All Programs: Established and emerging leaders, individual contributors, women in business, and entrepreneurs

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Burnout & Decision Fatigue

Chronic stress is at an all-time high and it's impacting personal heath, performance, culture, and retention.

Learn to proactively i
dentify burnout risks, identify triggers, and implement practical strategies that improve decision-making, collaboration, and business outcomes. Also improve physical health and responses to stress.
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Coming in Q2 '24: Digital Coaching Program & Community

Finally, a hybrid on-demand and interactive coaching program that powers women to get Unstuck, Unbothered, and Uninterrupted at their own pace.
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A Global Speaker, Wellness and Risk and Consultant, and Program Designer in one!

Looking for engaging topics for a conference breakout session, leadership meeting, or a collaborative learning workshop? Download our Solutions from the Stage™ Guide for full summaries of topics that will make your next event engaging, memorable, and actionable.

Download Princess's Signature Programs & Solutions!

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"You were amazing, and the presentation [Burnout-Proof Your Team] was exactly what our team needed. The buzz continued throughout the rest of our meeting, and comments continue to flow today. Thank you so much for the targeted and thoughtful approach you took with our team."

Barbara Rossman | Retired CEO | Henry Ford Hospital Macomb

Working With the Best Clients, Associations, and Chambers

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The Power of Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)

Developed by Edmund Jacobson in the 1920s, PMR involves actively contracting muscles to create tension and progressively releasing it, relieving symptoms that arise from anxiety, insomnia, stress, headaches, high blood pressure, and even cancer pain.

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