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3 Ways to Protect Your Energy

'Protect Your Energy' is the battle cry of the self-care movement. You see it everywhere, from memes to t-shirts, but how exactly do you do that? Throwing up boundaries is usually the go-to response, but you can't wall yourself off from everyone, especially when you live and work with them.

I put the mirror up to my life and found I had the answer all along. All I needed to do was control myself in these three ways:

Stop Gossiping. No one can resist a thirst-quenching sip of 'tea'; and there inlays the #1 energy suck - gossip! Gossip is the most wasteful use of time and never serves anyone well, especially the listener. Even if you could do something about it, by its secretive nature, gossip renders you useless and drains the time out of your day.

Stop Giving Unsolicited Advice. When someone needs you to listen to them, it's okay to be attentive and time-box the conversation (meaning you limit how long you're willing to engage and stick to it). Taking the extra [and often unnecessary] step to give your advice only deepens your investment of time and energy. Reserve your advice for more serious matters or when asked directly.

Stop Oversharing Your Life. If you love to share parts of your life on social media [I know I do], be careful not to share more than you can handle. If your social media accounts are public or you've hit the accept, add, and join buttons indiscriminately, don't be surprised when someone starts to share your posts, comment, or inquire. Your post was their invitation to engage, and responding to people can lead to opportunities or trouble, depending on the post. Share with caution.

Controlling how you show up is entirely up to you. It protects your energy and well-being overall. Comment below on how you protect your energy.

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